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Advantages of advertising on Lifescorts

Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze

Advertise in Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze zone according to your budget. You can appear in cities and countries that choose

It appears in the cities where you work

Tell your customers if you make exits and the cities or areas where you provide service This way your ad will appear on all the sites you have marked and you will have more chances that the Customers contact you.

Post your ad without a photo

If you want to place an ad while maintaining your privacy, Lifescorts gives you the option to publish Your contact without photos. Of course, we will ask you to prove that you are of legal age with an official document.

Certify your ads

Lifescorts allows you to certify your photo book so that your ads are better valued by customers. Once achieved, you can make the changes you want within your publication without losing such certification.

Manage customer experiences

Review the opinions that are published about you and decide if you want them to be visible or not. If someone wants to damage your reputation for envy, it will be difficult in Lifescorts.

Pay in Lifecoins

In Lifescorts we have our own virtual currency. Paying in Lifecoins allows you to expedite the management of your ads if you work in different countries, without losing money.

Stop your ad

You can activate or deactivate your ad at any time. So, if an unforeseen thing comes up and you can't work, your advertising will stop showing on our website.

Do you like to know the world?

Lifescorts is an international website, so if you travel you can move your ad to Find customers wherever you go. In addition, you can block the country where you don't want your ad to be visible.

If you want to get more customers, you must first make them know you

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The time has come to take advantage of your advertising and get customers to click on your ads. To do this, follow these recommendations:
  • Upload quality images. Keep in mind that images will be the determining factor that you make have the customer click on your ad and not someone else’s. Your cover photo will be your letter of initial presentation Strive to make the best impression! You only have a few seconds to call Your attention and be interested in you. Take advantage of them!
  • Fill in all the details of your ads.The photos and your description are very important. How many more details include, better: services, rates, travel, etc. That information will help the customer make the decision to contact you or not. With a good description, customers will be looking forward to meeting you.


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